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Compliance. Us and You.

Lithium Ion Battery Compliance I wanted to provide an update and break this down to make it a bit easier to digest for our customers while outlining the how and why of some changes being made to our service/products. Lithium Ion Battery Compliance is here. Digesting the legislation even during a voluntary meeting with a […]

2018 is over. Here’s how it went…

Compliance 2018 was the year of Compliance. On the back of discussions and meetings with the UK Government’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy during late 2017, on the 4th of January 2018 we started shipping the very first of our fully EU/UK regulation compliant cells to end users and their suppliers. To date, we […]

The mystery of the “Birmingham and Manchester Boys”

Who are they, where did they come from and what are they doing? We have some idea. We have scraps of information we’re piecing together from the few people who aren’t scared to offer them but we dont have everything. After-all, that’s all part of the mystery, isn’t it? Let be clear before we start […]

Sorry, no. That’s illegal…

No really, it is.. What am i talking about? “Do u do cash deals?”. “Can i not pay the VAT?”. “Can i just like maybe send it to ur personal PayPal or bank or summink”? The first time it happened about a year ago, it was quite funny. I’ve never had it in any other […]

What did you say?!

You might remember that we recently ran a poll to tackle some of the questions we would love to ask every customer who uses the site but unfortunately, its just not possible. That said, we had a fantastic response from customers and non-customers both on the survey and via email and i thought it might […]

Trading Standards. Falling, and Coming Soon…

*This blog post is taken from a mailshot sent to all past and present wholesale customers today (12th April 2018) but will ultimately affect and is relevant to all 18650UK customers, any other business involved in the purchase and sale of these batteries in the UK. It’s time to start listening… Trading Standards are on their […]

The Vapcell 18650 25A 3000mAh results are in….

Not bad. Not bad at all… So. Graph… What are you looking at?  Im sure if you’ve been vaping long enough or have an active interest in battery performance you’ve likely seen these graphs before. The Vapcell (Sony VTC6A re-wrap) claims to be a 25A, 3000mAh cell. As we are the only people we know […]

Please be good. Please be really good….

Another new Vapcell 18650… They’re getting pretty good at this. Here is the new Vapcell 18650 25A 3000mAh cell… If only i had beaten them… As normal, this is a re-wrap. This time, we know exactly what it is (more on this below). Its a re-wrapped Sony VTC6A. Its one of Sonys new generation cells […]

A new look for 18650 UK cells

A new look for 18650 UK cells Take a good look… …you’re going to be seeing a lot more of this! Why?  Covered in my recent blog post about battery compliance laws in the UK and EU ( You can read it here ) these markings are the first of their kind on the market in […]

Tesla Vehicles are set to cause us problems…

How the company who will soon be the worlds largest producer of lithium based cells are going to be upsetting the vape industry in the next quarter…  Many people are already starting to see problems with supply of 18650 cells. Whether its cost or instability of supply, everyone is feeling the pinch but many are […]